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ARGIS v2 Announced

Information systems researchers at the University of Central Florida have designed a Web-based enterprise-level system to provide researchers, department program chairs, college deans and other grant managers direct access to the information needed for managing UCF's burgeoning research.
Established October 1st, 2004

  • Assist the Research Administration community through application of information technology.
  • To improve and standardize university research administration & management
  • To increase sharing of knowledge represented by university research
  • To increase awareness of and publicize completed research to the public & sponsoring agencies
  • To increase opportunities for cross university research collaboration
  • To make high quality information technology available to research faculty
  • Become a major ERP solution provider to Universities
Our orientation has and is on providing timely and relevant information when and where needed as well as in multiple formats, whether for development, advanced applications, or for hosted services.

CRATA offers information technology consulting, application development, and systems services.

Advanced applications may be developed to support data manipulation, work-flow, and decision making.

Services are available to:
  • Facilitate communication and information sharing.
  • Assist with storing, locating, and retrieving information.
  • Automate business processes for improved efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Develop collaborative information environments and applications.
  • Advise clients on future developments to capitalize on distributed information technologies.