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The Center Builds Solutions:
  • Academic Research & Grants Information System (ARGIS):
    • Database replication/backup
    • Hosting
    • Training
  • National Academic Research Registry - More Information Coming Soon!
  • Collaboration Services
  • Comment Tracking System (CTS)
  • Conference Papers Management (CPM)
  • Enterprise Resource Scheduler (ERS)
  • Research Journal
  • Research Project Support

Academic Research & Grants Information System (ARGIS):

The process of developing M&S Standards Documents is complex and long. This application automates much of the work by inviting submissions, notifying various reviewers, providing for public discussion, and finalizing approvals.

An application to assist with management of the "Request for Proposal (RFP)" process whereby managers assign work to contract specialists which then must flow through a series of approvals and edits before being made public.

Parametric Decision Making: An application designed to allow multiple users to evaluate submissions of requirements against solutions. Criteria, weights, evaluators, etc. are all configurable. Using the reporting functions, sensitivity analysis may be conducted by simply modifying criterion weights.

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